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ComiXology Unlimited only in US

Its a shame their internet tubes dont extend beyond the US. But maybe theyre just waiting to see if this internet thing takes off.

No comic service in Canada

Again, Canada has been left out. You can get the app and you can go through the sign-up process only to be told that it is U.S. only. Maybe let people know that before? Or how about including Canada? Wait its by Amazon so I wont hold my breath Im sure itll come at the same time prime instant video does.

Unlimited not in Canada

Why does everything in the app default to showing off the new Unlimited feature if I cannot use it in Canada? Also, you cant buy comics through the app (which changed a while ago) but now the website seems to no longer support iPad anymore, which makes buying comics extremely difficult. Ive spent hundreds of dollars through you guys, do you not want my money anymore? Whats going on?

Slayer candidate

Gonna jump on the not in Canada bandwagon but I would like to say well done on the selection. There is a great number of comics however the big draw back is that for the manga this app should push for simultaneous publishing with Japan. By being online this app can avoid the difficulties that come with physical copies. This way they can attract more people. They could further expand there market if they publish content in more languages too. TL;DR: no Canada access yet but lots of comics available and they should make manga releases in sync with Japan

An updated review

Yaaay, Comixology Unlimited! This sounds like a great service that will let me read full runs of comics for a low monthly price, just like Marvel Unlimited. Time to update that one-star review! Oh, wait...only the first volume or two of most series are available with Unlimited subscription, and I have to buy the rest? Oh, wait...US only? But Im in Canada. Oh, wait...I still cant make in-app purchases? Never mind.

0 stars

What Kallan42 said!!! Comixology Unlimited, cool... Oh wait, US only. Again! In addition to in-app purchases not being possible anymore. Garbage. Previous review: No more in-app purchases... This is pure crap. I can no longer use my iTunes account (and gift cards) to buy comics. The website is clunky, and not ipad friendly. FAIL!

Still no in-app comic purchases. Boo.

The "Unlimited" subscription is a step in the right direction, though it ONLY works in the US. This app still drives me nuts because there is no in-app purchase for comics. The decision to remove that functionality was terrible and stupid. To reiterate: this is a COMICS VIEWER only. Instead of browsing comics and buying with a simple tap, (like before), you have to leave the app, open a browser, go to their website, sign in, put comics in a cart, pay for them with a credit card, then go back into the app, sync your purchases, download the comics you want, and then read them. Terrible. Keep looking; there are better comic reader apps on the App Store.

CU not available in Canada

Typical... Thank you Amazon! I look forward to my great grand children enjoying Comixology Unlimited and Amazon Prime in Canada. Still no in-app purchases possible. You guys keep ruining great things... Too bad!

Solid reading app - how about Apple TV app?

Guess the in-app purchases are gone forever unless you use the DC comics etc apps. But Id really like an atv app tailored to reading on a big screen. Ive done this in a limited way with AirPlay but I think it could be a great way to read with the comic view technology adapted specifically.

Bare-bones Reader

The Comixology app used to provide users with an extensive and fully integrated storefront with easy to use features that integrated discovery of content with purchasing and reading. Amazon de-contented the app, delivering a poorer experience to their paying customers. We know from experience how good this app could be, but isnt. Its a big disappointment.

I love it! Except....

Its a great app, and I totally understand why there arent in-app purchases. It makes sense. But, if you guys could update the app so that it fits the iPad Pro 12" displays resolution natively, it would be perfect!

Great app!

Thankful to have access to so many great comics! The new subscription service makes it even more awesome!

"Discover" tab is useless to me.

I love reading comics in this app, but the latest update forces me to look at the "Discover" tab every time I launch it. I have no interest in comiXology Unlimited, so this tab just serves as an annoyance in the way of accessing the comics I already own. I would like to see the app remember which tab I was in the last time I used the app, or failing that, a setting to choose a default start tab.

Good app for reading but little else.

Right now this is nothing more than an application for reading your comics. No doubt the ability to purchase comics will come in time, but until then you have to access the website in order to do so.

HORRIBLE Download Speed

The new update has crippled download speed on my iPad Air. This was an issue for years with this app and it looks like theyve once again forgotten how to create an app that can download at acceptable speeds.

I miss the in-app purchases.

I miss the in app purchases because I could buy them through my mobile device on the app. Otherwise I have to use my laptop at home and go to Amazon. First-world problems but right now my only answer to it is to just buy the comics themselves at my local shop and not waste time putting money into the bank just so I can spend it online. Whereas before it was as simple as buying an iTunes card.

Comixology psuedo-unlimited

The subscription service is just a discount plan. If you want to read an entire series, you have to pay out. 90% of the comics Im interested in have only the first issue only available for the unlimited subscription. So if I like it, I still have to pay more. Even the comics that are more inclusive have one or two comics not unlimited. The comics look good though. The app works good, but you cant buy comics in the app just like the other Amazon apps. Either make it truly unlimited, or else someone will.

Definitely not what it used to be

I used this app about two years ago and really enjoyed being able to browse, buy and read comics all through one UI. I just downloaded it again yesterday and was disappointed to see that it has just become another comics reader. You can (sort of) browse titles, but no purchase function. I figured I would give it a shot so went on the Amazon app to buy a title, but no purchases allowed there either. Then I tried via Safari and Chrome on iOS and after having to authenticate to Amazon twice (?!) I eventually ended up at a blank screen. At this point Im uninstalling and will just go to my local store. This is more trouble than it is worth.


Cant purchase comics through the App Store. Have to go to Sign in w/Amazon, error cant purchase comics. Hubris and arrogance forced this move to web based payment. Uninstall and save yourself some trouble. Edit: Seriously wish I could give less than one star. Very anti consumer.

Navigating is just unorthodox.

Getting around this app is such a pain. Been trying to search for specific, generalized comic titles like Batman or The Flash and search results doesnt even find it. What gives? Adjust your searching and navigating. It just doesnt make sense how its being implemented throughout the app at the moment. Ill give it 2 stars just because reading the comic itself in the app is great. Other than that, the app itself is near useless when trying to discover new things. This app has become just another comic reader, as majority of the users who use this app have said

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